Rough Seas Keycap 3d Models

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All 3d files needed to recreate my Rough Seas Keycaps.

Format: stl

9 Files

The keycap connector included here, is also available for free on thingiverse: , but included here for convenience.

Each 3d ship model has a corrosponding wave formation.

The SiliconCastHelper file is meant as a helper tool to create silicon negatives of the waves (to create a blue transparent resin cast of said waves). Glue in the printed wave, pour in the silicon, wait for it to set and then remove the set silicon by destroying the SiliconCastHelper object.

Ship models optimised for provided sizes. Printed with an FDM 3d printer (PLA) and 0.4mm nozzle, good results can be achieved with 0.08mm layer height, slow print speed and "Print thin walls" enabled in cura.

For best results apply a layer of paint to the wave objects after printing and before creating a silicon negative, to reduce visible layer lines.

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Rough Seas Keycap 3d Models

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